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Well just to update, my husband was clean since Dec and taking suboxone as presribed by the doctor and now because of the suboxone treatment he is now sitting in the psyiatric ward as we speak. I guess the doctors should learn how to prescribe this medicine. If your gonna see a doctor please be sure that they know what they are doing. Long term on this med at 24mg a day since he started is not right and it fried his brain. We have been together from the start and it wasn't the percocet that fried his brain it was the suboxone. He now suffers from alot of mental issues and takes alot of psycotic drugs because of all of this.

Non of us here medical doctors or researcher. But they are giving their best advised based in what they know. And if theybare anything like me they have probably read their share of medical information..

You apparently were influence "this is your brain on drugs" fear monger propaganda of the Drug Free campain. No opiates nor even alcohol kill brain cells. You can contact the Socity for Neuroscience. Thete maybe substances that would "frie you brain" am just not familiar with any.

Alcohol does injure the fetus if the mother drinks alcoh while she is pregnat. But thats a whole different method of introducing alcohol on the body of the mother to infant.

Am on agreement that your husband might have had a preexisting condition. But another possibility is that he aquired it after starting treatment. Some claim here that his use of illicit opiates might have masked a preexisting condition. But Bupernorphine or Suboxone is also an opiate. It would had the potential of maskng the memtal condition too.

I happen to think thst humans have s lot of resilians. We are also effected by mental conditions too. I hope that by now your husband is doing much better
and you too
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