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Hi hopefulinmiamibeach,
I’m sorry to hear about the troubles your husband is having and what you must be going through. There’s no evidence that buprenorphine causes the kind of symptoms you describe. However, it is known that opioids can cover up preexisting mood disorders and other psychiatric conditions. Doctors are taught in the buprenorphine training to look for the reemergence of mood disorders once the patient stabilizes on buprenorphine because the opioids they were taking are no longer be there to suppress the symptoms. Assuming buprenorphine caused this condition might be a distraction from diagnosing the true cause of the condition. Opioids have been studied for years (buprenorphine is an opioid). In fact opioids have been used for medicine for over 3000 years. Methadone (a synthetic opioid) is the most studied drug, of all of the FDA drugs in existence. Many of the attributes of methadone and other opioids share similarities with buprenorphine, making it a well-studied drug. If the buprenorphine caused the kind of things you suggest, it would likely be well known by now. The fact that there is another, and somewhat common, explanation for your husband’s symptoms, leads me to think that might be the case here too and should be the path perused, at least initially. This publication below might be helpful.

See page 73 “Patients With Significant Psychiatric Comorbidity” TIP-40


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