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Yea you would say something like that. The only problem with that is while your praising this medication, there are alot more people that are going through the same thing that my husband is going through. So, poster child for suboxone, while you may think that theres nothing wrong with this medicine and that being on it for years is good, just wait a few more years till you see an advertisement on t.v. about a class action lawsuit against suboxone, just like the rest of the new medicines out there. Now my post was more or less a chance to warn people of the things that can happen to you from taking this medicine long term. Sorry that you don't feel the same way, but maybe my warning will save someone's life. Oh and by the way genius, my husband did not have any mental issues, he was prescribed oxycodone for his back and I guess the doctor forgot to let him know that it was just as addicting as heroin. He was a hardworking 22 year old man before all of this mess with medicine. Now he's 25 and has bipolar d/o and Schizophrenia. So my friend, since you know so much, what do you think happened???
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