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Hello Tryn, I am so proud of you! At first, as I read all you wrote, my head was spinning. I was hearing that you were thinking of getting involved with too many things. I was going to write, Tryn, you can't save the world-you have to take care of yourself and be kind to yourself-or else. And,look, there you are figuring out that all on your own. What progress! The opportunity to work with the London boss could be possible on down the road when you are more able to take on such a job. But for now you can just "brighten the corner where you are". Another phrase I use often is, don't bite off more than you can chew.

The opportunity you have to work with the healing centre or the wet/dry house sounds quite appealing, and right up your alley. Goodness the estate you mentioned sounds so gorgeous-wonder if anyone would notice if I set up my tent and just lived there somewhere on the grounds. I am very quiet.

Tryn you are doing the right thing-thinking through options, understanding your limits right now. You are such a good soul. Hugs---

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