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I do beg your i was saying, he works privately in his time as a family/relationship mediator/counsellor.

He put a proposition to me.

He feels he is "getting on", and he wanted to use this quite beautiful setting for others. He wants to create the house into a healing retreat. He is furiously protective of his own space however, wanted to be able to "live on site", and we talked about building an annexe for him. His land is used for growing all manner of things, and we discussed the incorperation of those wishing to use the retreat, sustaining the land. The dear fellow does not wish to have much dialogue around the money side of things and i am being tasked to produce a "program" for those wishing to stay, that work done on the land would be payment, and healing courses and whatnot would be run for non residents during the days to compliment paying the bills.

I am meeting with him again on Monday.

The fellow "knows all about me", my alcoholism, my works and acheivements, and i "happened" to give him a vision i have that i very much would like to come to fruition.

Wet houses and dry houses.

In my city there are oodles of "dry houses". I have been in most, and if you think sitting round with your other 4 housemates smoking crack and drinking beer a "dry house"....this one is for you!

How can that be?

In Blighty we have a system, (a broken system) of social care. Over time it has gotton to such a stage that those who "should" be in postitions of care provision need do nothing of the sort. your money a room in a house is $100........if you call it a "DRY HOUSE", our Government deem there are "special circumstances and support provided", thus they double the rent to provide that support.

No support, a houseful of folk killing themselves, and a service provider/landlord.......raking it in.

My unbelievable....quite outrageous.......ridiculous and obviously nonsensical opinion that a dry house needs to be DRY, was taken on board by this fellow.

He is nothing if not knowing the "movers and shakers" in my city, and he has influence, that led to a call this morning asking if i would like to meet a "fellow he knows" who just happenes to own stonking amounts of property in my city, has dedicated himself to making sure they are available to rent to the poorest and most troubled, but as yet has had no effective interventions for his tenants when those ugly monsters appear. He is apparently extremely interested in my little idea, hence we shall meet and discuss.

And so to London next week.

Susie, the project was started in the big place by a DA who was frankly fed up of seeing gang members, (some only 13) being sent away forever. There is no doubt that the crimes they have committed command such just didn't seem right. It felt as if there could be a way of salvaging horrificly damaged lives. And so she sarted the COTA project. The council of Thought and Action. It's purpose to bring together entrepeneurs, business men and women and gang leaders and members, literally in a room in a circle twice a week.

To get all that together took this DA over 5 years before it formed, evolved and is now moving forward a pace. It has been hugely effective.

Over in Blighty my boss runs a company called The Centre for Peaceful Solutions in London, and she and her husband have devised something called "The Dialogue Road Map". It does what it says on the tin. It is a way of finding solutions with dialogue. So if the problem is "A".....and we need to get to "B"......the dialogue road map can navigate a pathway to the destination with guidance. It is changing the way Mediation is done in our country and of course hearing about COTA in the big place....well we had to engage with that!

So over the last 2 years my boss, others have been back and forth to the big place to learn, and we are currently inviting the DA here. Our Gorenment loves it and will chuck money at us to do it.....but my boss will not take Government funding. When i suggested she had completely lost her mind she explained why. Now, i really do respect her decision. It makes my job a tad more challenging, but i truly understand why.

So my job. It really boils down to 2 things. Engage, sustainably, gang members and business leaders. It really is not as simple as it sounds.

Back in my day i had the misfortune to "run with" the most notorious gansters in the east end of london. It is documented that is the case, so it is believed. Having done so, an amount of "gravitas.....reputation" goes with it. Trust me, it never leaves you. However, it can be used for the force of change.

You can not walk into a prison, or a hostile environment with expectations of being able to facilitate change, if A, they do not respect you, or B, you do not talk their language. Talking their language does not mean you say words they say, it means the words you do say....they hear, loudly. Engaging people is a walk in the park, only passion sustains that engagement simply because it is infective, i rely almost entirely on that.

The most difficult part of the job is actually engaging the business community. So how do you do it?

Business takes skill, foresight, insight and a good head on your shoulders. I have lived in worlds that if you arrive at a prison at 20.....that is a result. You must have had quite something about you to have managed to get here alive.

THAT is what i harness. How did you stay alive?

The skills that exist within these young men and women and hidden resources to our countries and communitys. We know they have done terrible things. Most are so young they have no idea what they do.

Can we in all conscience throw away a young, *****d youngster, (child....come on lets be real) forever? The politics around retribution, revenge and punishment, not on my radar. I know what the statistics, consequences and outcomes that policy has.

So for the same reasons that the kids/gangsters, (yeah right!) will listen to me, ergo, the business leaders do for the very same.

So there you have it.

3 irons in the fire, (not to mention others that know me suggesting that i chose a different pathway sighting 1 particular thing), i shall see what my boss says next week in London, see what this fellow with all the houses says, and then the healing centre with the orginal chap, and wonder what to do!

Tryn has never been the best decision maker!

Sorry for more waffle than usual, and if nothing else i have put the big place into a deep sleep! helped me to waffle.

Thank you.

Be peaceful, be healthy and be strong. Loveness to all.
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