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Good afternoon everyone. Bright blessings to you all.

Lost Dog, i am so sorry to hear things sound as if they have been a bit difficult lately? I am so glad you chose to say hello.

Thank you Susie. Your post was actually extremely well timed and "on topic", as yesterday was quite an extraordinary day. Isn't it so true, "we never know what is round the next corner"?

I got a call at lunchtime yesterday from an old aquantaince through work whom i had not heard from for a couple of years. He has worked with my boss in the past and i "kinda thought" as my boss rang me the other night and i am in London next week meeting her, that what it would be about. He rang, (a really lovely fellow) and asked me if i would like to go round to his home in the afternoon to sit in the garden and "chat". I accepted and he came to collect me.

The fellow is a very unassuming chap, breath takingly perceptive and altogether a fascinating chap. I trained with him as a Mediator, and i liked him then.

He took me "to his home".....and for Tryn, "speechless" is not an option. I was UTTERLY and TOTALLY speechless. His "home" turned out to be a couple of million pounds worth, with extensive land deep in the English countryside, acres, upon acres of ploughed land, fallow land, woods, a river, out houses, swimming pool, all looked down on by the most splendid mansion you ever did see.

We sat in a manicured garden and i said, "what am i doing here my friend"? And off he went.

His Father was an alturistic man, wealthy from birth, and spent much of his life using his wealth for those less fortunate than himself. He spent his life building and running homes for orphaned and troubled kids, and now this fellow who is 62 has time on his hands and although he strongly rejected my assertion that he wanted to do what he was suggesting in honour of his Father, it made little difference to the suggestion to me.

He is a healer of some note. His is a very, very fine negociator and is attributed with being behind the "systemic win" concept, that as mediators and negociators is frankly fascinating. He is a solatry man, who lives alone in his pile.

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