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Thank you all for your responses, it was quite informative. Along with this post I have been doing a bunch of research about it, learning.
To be honest, I don't know whether she is on Suboxone or not, she recently claimed to be on it as an explanation for why her UA's are still hot for Heroin.......from reading here & other research, it appears that she was lying since Suboxone doesn't show up as Opiates, only as Bupe., I pray that she is on it, since it appears that in general, it's a very safe drug....except when abused(!!), go figure. From all that I have read, mixing Valium or any Benzo/alcohol etc is very dangerous. Knowing her I have no doubt that she's abusing the Valiums...........unless a miracle has occurred in the last few weeks, which is a distinct possibility since we pray so hard for her!

Anyways, Thanks again for all your input & taking the time to answer.
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