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What a testament to how far you've come. I'm really proud of you! AA is different everywhere. I have made some really good friends over the years with AA. I live in a large midwest city, and there are tons of AA meetings all over the place everyday. I understand that AA does not work for everyone - I really get that! It is different in every meeting around this city in which I live. I have noticed that some groups get "clique" like and new people or those who don't seem to fit in are ignored. I have always tried to not be that person. However, way back when I very first tried to get sober, I attended some meetings and I didn't know a thing. People who I didn't even know wrapped their arms around me and told me "We have been there. We know what you are feeling." That meant so much to me!

I think there are so many ways to sobriety, and we all have our own path. In any meeting, or support group, or whatever, we need to take on what will be helpful to us and leave the rest. At the end of the day, drinking will kill us if we don't stop. This is my worry with my brother right now, that he cannot find a bottom, and he will die as he continues to drink. I am so glad that I found the light.

I think you are doing fantastic. I don't think any of us around here mean to hurt one another, and I don't even pretend to sugarcoat anything. If I can help one person from dying from this horrible disease, I'm not that worried if I have offended someone. This is a life or death thing, sometimes feelings are hurt, but that is the way it is. Please take care and continue to check in with us! Jenm
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