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thanks for this, Susie.
I have been musing on why Saint's response provoked so much aversion on my part and think it is because it brought up a lot of my old negativity around AA and certain attitudes I felt to be prevalent in the groups I attended.
AA didn't work for me, but of course I am glad for all the thousands of people it did and does work for, just as I am also incredibly glad and grateful and relieved that I have found something which works for myself.
As far as Saint's 'well meaning reminder' goes, my antidote to the aversion in my meditation this morning has been to practise Buddhist 'Mudita' i.e, joy in another's happiness............and it works!
I read the words

'How wonderful you are in your being!
I delight that you are here!
I take pleasure in your good fortune!
May your happiness continue!'

wish I'd remembered this earlier - would have spared me the grumps!

here all going very well, still no desire to drink at all - two and a half weeks now, a record, and cutting down on the Baclofen, will be so glad to get THAT poison out of my body though I'm very glad and grateful to have been able to use it.
Thanks again for your openness, support and compassion. Much appreciated.
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