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i think my 'urges' come abut more through habit (which started as an antidote to loneliness, but only exacerbated it) and genetic proclivity.
But of course i will be on my guard, and have a stash of pills to increase the dose if the desire to drink should return.
Today, though, I have started to reduce the dose by 5mg, am keen to get off the meds if at all possible and am confident at this moment that I will be fine without this prop.
Have built up enough positive support - friends, Buddhist practice, voluntary work etc, but also the confidence that something has changed in my brain and the desire to drink has gone - just as it did in the past for 8 years.
the trick will be if ever I get the urge again, not to get sucked back in!
Thanks to you all for your support and good luck on your journeys
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