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Sallykarima, hello. I couldn't sleep tonight and logged in to see that you had recently posted. I decided to read through your story. I loved the quote btw. Nothing bad can come from giving up our addictions. I didn't believe that at first though. With quitting came withdrawal and with that came the pain of self realization. That bitter moment when I had to face the monster that alcohol had created in me. But that pain served a purpose. It built a wall between myself and substance abuse. I knew that one drink would ruin everything I had worked for, and I would have to face all of that pain again. As you begin to walk through the first steps of sobriety, embrace the painful moments, reach out to others, use the moments of uncertainty to discover who you truly are. It takes a brave person to begin this journey, and you have done just that. I wish you the best, and keep us updated.

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