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How are you? Curious to how you've been getting on the last few days. Hope all is well.

thanks for asking, Saint.
I've been struggling with side-effects - blocked nose, ticke
ly cough, overwhelming sleepiness (at tim
es - makes meditation a real struggle just not to keel over!) aching arms......... BUT on the plus side, the last two evenings have not drunk alcohol in spite of availablity in the house, and got up at 2 am this morning because of usual dry throat and cough, took a cough sweet and lo and behold, the mucous blockage which has been bothering me for weeks suddenly cleared.
So one way and another I feel liberated this morning and again hopeful that the Baclofen can work for me.
it' poison, though, i'm clearly very sensitive to it, and will be very glad if it has the desired result and i can cut down and eventually stop using it. And as far as I'm concerned, it's the lesser of two evils, alcohol, of course, used excessively is also poison!
So thanks again for keeping in touch, it means a lot to get peer encouragement on this lonely journey.
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