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Default ongoing Baclofen side-effect story

I am slowly building up the dose of Baclofen - today started on 3x40mg per day, am hoping the side effects won't be as severe as last time (when I had to gradually bring back the dose to 3x25 per day before they subsided).
Main problems have been extreme sleepiness making it almost impossible to keep my eyes open (this goes if I can lie down and doze for 20 minutes or so) pain in the neck and joints of legs and feet on waking, at times an almost unbearably heavy feeling in the arms which again passes after an hour or so.
The euphoria has gone, as has (fortunately) the near-mania. As has my addiction to buying a daily paper (and doing the quick crossword) - after 3 times buying a paper and not opening it, I stopped bothering.
Unfortunately the same cannot be said for alcohol - although I am drinking half the amount I was previously, so I suppose that's progress!
The whole project is an exercise in patience and faith for me, having tried various other options in the last couple of years without success.
The Baclofen treatment has given me hope, I am also strengthening my Buddhist practice by trying to apply the teachings more in my daily life rather than just 'on the cushion'. This quote from the Kusala Sutta by the Buddha

'Abandon what is unskillful...One can abandon the unskillful. If it were not possible, I would not ask you to do so. If this abandoning of the unskillful would bring harm and suffering, I would not ask you to abandon it. But as the abandoning of the unskillful brings benefit and happiness, therefore, I say, 'Abandon what is unskillful!'

I find this particularly helpful, and this morning stuck it on the (full) bottle of wine sitting in my cupboard.
thank you for reading this, any comments welcome - will keep you posted.
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