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Hi sallykarima, welcome. Baclofen is FDA approved as a muscle relaxer and has been used 'off-label' for alcohol dependence. There are studies that are completed, on going and recruiting, so it seems like an FDA approval for it could be in the works:

I really don't know too much about except that a doctor used it to successfully self treat his alcohol dependence.

Here's a fairly recent (2012) study conclusion link:

Of interest is this "The average maximal dose of baclofen taken was 147mg/day."

Then there's a quick section on side effects:


Eighty-eight percent of patients reported at least one undesirable side-effect that could possibly be attributable to baclofen. They were always benign. Side-effects, at one moment or another of the treatment, independent of their severity or duration, were the following: substantial fatigue/sleepiness 64%, insomnia 31%, dizziness 21%, paresthesia 18%, nausea/vomiting 17%, sensory alterations 16%, sexual changes (decrease or increase of libido) 15%, various forms of pain 20% (including headache 6%), bowel disorder (diarrhea, constipation) 12%, dysphoria 10%, weight loss 10%, memory loss 9%, hypomania (including one case of clear-cut mania) 7%, change in eating behavior 7%, weight gain 6%, sweat/hot flush 6%, tinnitus 6%, mental confusion 5%, cutaneous eruption 3%, respiratory difficulties 3%, sugar craving 3%, other 19% (which included irritability, transient amaurosis, photosensitization, urine incontinence, cramps, muscular contraction, muscular spasms, trembling, elocution difficulties, hypersialorrhea, water retention/edema, shouting, electric discharges, palpitations). No significant relationship was found between side-effects [globally or individually (when statistically valid)] and treatment response. No significant relationship was found between side-effects and the existence of a concomitant mental disorder."

That said, here are a couple of older threads where people spoke about it:

This is general information.

I'm sorry I can't be of more help.

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