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Brett, Did you try the Benadryl? I was just wondering... I also get the jumps, jerking arms or legs when I am about to sleep and it wakes me up. When I first started the sub. I would sleep and during the night (and day) I would do it according to my boyfriend and not wake to know. But when I first go to sleep i would wake myself. I think that the heavy sedation effects of the opiates would stop this from happening. As screwed up as we all were while on drugs, we could be jumping or moving and not even realize that we were. Anyway--I have been struggling with the sleep thing as some of you have read or added to my post yesterday. Perhaps time and adjustments will tell. I hope you feel better and get some quality sleep soon. (We are all so alert and aware of our bodies now, aren't we?!) I know my input repeated others but hopefully it will make you more comfortable and confident in yourself. Take care~~~~~~~~Stacey
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