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Hi all
Been on Sub now for 35 days, And what a difference it has made in my outlook on my life. No more wanting to get Vicodin ES just to cope with living. Was cleaning my closet a couple of days ago and came across a full bottle of 60 Vikes ES, So i picked it up and held it my hands wondering when i had stashed it there and why i forgot i had put them there. Well anyways i was at a crossroads wondering what i was to do with them, A minute later they were flushed down the toilet with no hesitation and positively no regrets. 36 days ago i would have never dont that. This is how well counseling and Sub is working for me. I love my Dr, She is so compassionet and understanding i see the smile on her face when i tell her my progress and victories.Well enough of that time to get on topic. Brett: I to have the very same episodes that you are having, I had such a out of body expieriance last night when i went to bed it really frightened me. I jumped completely out of bed. I noticed it happens right before i fall into sleep. Very strange indeed. Keith
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