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One of the problem with why Drs do not prescribe Subutex is due to the above commentary. It can still screw your nose passgaes up but absent the naloxone precip wds is not an issue. The celing effect principle still stands. Naloxone has one purpose to prevent any other absorption methadone other than sublingual.

Despite what some Drs say it is NOT the naloxone that blocks the effects of other opiates. It is the Bupe.

Drs who say the blocking effect comes from Naloxone is either ignorant, or don't want to rx Subutex and by telling the patient Naloxone is the blocker they assume the case is closed. If they are not ignorant of the facts they are then lying to their patient's face. You can decide for yourself whether being ignorant of the facts Drs believe about the purpose of Nalxone as the blocker or whether lying to their patient is worse.

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