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Good evening everyone. Bright blessings to you all.

Thank you....thank you all so much.

Just a quick letter.

I am back at home, getting home about 6pm. It's nearly midnight in dear old blighty, to say I'm shattered is an understatement. So I shall keep it short for now.

I simply want you to know I am OK, and I am doing so because this family's love and support is so very special and powerful to all of us. From other sides of the world, we are all so close. I am mindful I have not been supporting your individual journeys as you are all mine at this time. I love you all so much and hopefully over the coming days I can catch up with how you are all doing, and to share what has been going on for me in hospital.

Thank you again everyone. These few days personally, as challenging as any I have had.

Home now...stuff swinging into action and as I say, I shall explain all in the next couple of days.

I dearly love you all.

Be peaceful, be healthy and be strong.
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