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Tim there are 2 entire message boards that have thousands of THREADS in the buprenorphine sections with people who agree with the doctor (1 of the sites was actually formed for the sole purpose of giving buprenorphine victims a place to share their horrors). I myself have experienced EXACTLY what the doctor describes in the podcast, so here I am, a pharmD who agrees with the doctor.

Tim to understand the difference between physical addiction to a drug vs addiction (to me) is to understand that 2+2=4. Its not a hard concept to grasp.

So you say that people on bup do not fit the addiction profile? Does that mean that when I started snorting the bup and went to the doctor asking him to up my dosage by twice what it was at the time, I was not then addicted to the drug buprenorphine? Tim, when the doctor approved my rise from 16mg per day to 32mg per day, and I started to snort between 24 and 32mg of bup every day after being on 16mg taken under the tongue for over 2 years, does this not fit the profile of an addict? YES IT DOES.

Tim, just because most people are given suboxone instead of subutex, thus not allowing them to abuse it by insufflating (snorting) or injecting it, that doesn't mean that the drug buprenorphine is a drug you cannot become mentally addicted to. It simply means that most people on bup are not given the chance to abuse it because they are given suboxone instead of subutex. Tim when the drug buprenorphine TURNED ON ME and started causing depression, suicidal thoughts, and an inability to work, and I started looking for ways to get more bup and abuse it (and when I found ways to abuse it, it made me feel high).........are you telling me that at this point I was not addicted to buprenorphine and showing the tell tale signs that you yourself described above as symptoms of addiction?

Tim, maybe it is you who needs to get a better understanding of this drug of abuse. The only way the doctors and pharmacists can keep people from abusing buprenorphine is to put naloxone in it. The drug buprenorphine itself is not sufficient alone to keep people from becoming addicted and abusing it. And now that the only generic available is buprenorphine without naloxone (subutex), there is inevitably going to be an enormous rise in addiction to buprenorphine. Sub junkies will now ask their doctor for the generic and they will get the generic subutex which WILL make you high when you snort it and it WILL make you high when you bang it, even in those who were already on it and built a tolerance equal to no other opiate tolerance known to man. And why is that, even when people get off of bup their tolerance has increased more than with any other opiate? Dr. Scanlan refers to an up-regulation of opiate receptors. I think he is probably right (not just about the up-regulation of opiate receptors but about everything he talks about), just looking at the sheer number of people who look hard enough on the internet to find an outlet to cry out, an outlet that has others there going through the same torture they are going through, and find it (the 2 anti bup boards).

Tim we both know that there is always a time in which the people know the truth before the actual research studies are done and made available to the public. DID YOU KNOW THAT HEROIN WAS INTRODUCED IN AMERICA FIRST BY THE DRUG COMPANY BAYER AS A CURE FOR MORPHINE ADDICTION? And you can bet your last dollar that if the internet was around then, there would be message boards like this one giving research studies done on heroin and how it is far superior to morphine, and guys like you to swear by heroin.

I would guess that in America, over 90% of the studies done so far on bup were done by companies hired by the drug company that originally came out with the drug. Why don't I trust these companies?

I would argue that even those people who are on suboxone and not subutex are still on a drug that causes addiction, they are just not allowed to act upon that addiction because they are given suboxone instead of subutex.

Also I will point out that the drug company who developed this drug hit the lottery when they developed a drug that usually takes years to actually turn on its user. Good for them, I hope they sleep well at night.

Tim the reason why more doctors haven't come out about this is because there isn't the formal research there available YET, just thousands of screaming victims, and Dr. Scanlan's own personal experience with trying to get addicts off of buprenorphine compared to other opiates/opioids. Oh and there is also the money thing. The doctors and drug companies are getting rich off of this drug! Why would they take the time to discredit it? For coming forward with his personal experience and refusing to keep addicts on sub maintenance, I hold Dr. Scanlan in the highest regard. He is a man who deserves every good thing that comes his way. He is one of the few left who actually give a dam.

Would you like the web addresses for the 2 anti-buprenorphine boards? I think you probably already know them and if you have a conscience, it probably has made you start rethinking your strategy here. If I were a betting man, I would bet this has you thinking hard about what you stand for. I think you are a smart guy Tim, I just think you have been tricked (just like I was) by this opioid called buprenorphine and the people PUSHING IT ON THOSE ALREADY PREDISPOSED TO ADDICTION.

P.S. The PAWS that come with a short acting opiate/opioid are far shorter in duration than the PAWS that come with longer acting opioids like methadone and buprenorphine. It is an infinitely better idea to only stay on bup for a couple weeks and endure the shorter PAWS of the shorter acting opiate instead of staying on sub and enduring up to 2 years of PAWS.

Bup should only be used for a very short taper to get off the original drug of abuse. But then the doctors and drug companies would not get rich.

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