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Mrjx 09-01-2016 02:35 PM

Need help. Northern Tenn. Western Va . Southern Ohio Or West Virginia
I have been seeing a Suboxone dr for 4 months. 2 strips a day. I live in Eastern Kentucky. I was told when i started seeing my Dr that they would work with me on medication because i have really bad headaches with Suboxone or subsolve. And it seems since I have been taking the strips my tongue stays raw and so does my throat. . My Dr told me that subutex would probally be a better fit for me but no dr in kentucky was allowed to write it out. And she said just to deal with the side effects. So basically im looking for a Dr in northern Tennessee, Western West Virginia, Southern Ohio, or western Virginia. I think i have a valid shot of staying sober if i could just get a Medication that doesn't make me feel so bad when i take it. If anyone out there has any information that can help me send me a message please. I have pulled up list after list of dr that provide treatment but it seems everyone i call I dont get a answer or its a fax number. I dont care if i have to drive 5 hours or what i have to do i just dont want to go back to the life style i was living. With the suboxone there are days i cant go to work because my head hurts or by the end of the day i am going back into withdraw. Thanks this is my first post.

Mrjx 09-01-2016 04:02 PM

I should mention i did find one dr that prescribed subutex but he wanted $800 for the first visit and there is no way i can afford that. And the drive was 8 hours. I am just sick of suffering. If i take the suboxone i have to deal with the blisters and the headaches. And if i dont then im wide open there is no limit to what drugs i will or wont do. I know there has to be a dr out there who is willing to help. I know there is a chance of abusing subutex but if i want to abuse drugs i would just do heroine or meth. I am a drug addict but im honest about it lol.

NancyB 09-01-2016 08:43 PM

Hi Mrjx, it's really difficult in your area to find a physician to prescribe bupe only. Have you tried the generic Suboxone tablets? They may be easier on your tongue and, for many people who were hypersensitive to naloxone, spitting out the saliva after the medication dissolved worked well for them. Also, make sure you're drinking enough water. Opioids in general can suppress the thirst mechanism and even slight dehydration can cause headaches. Maybe both the generic tablet, spitting out the saliva and drinking more water might be something to try while waiting to find a bupe only prescriber.

Another thing is that it seems you have a documented hypersensitivity to the naloxone with the headaches. Your doctor can legally prescribe bupe only because of that.

The regulation provides that buprenorphine-mono-product shall not be prescribed or dispensed except to a pregnant patient, to a patient with demonstrated hypersensitivity to naloxone, or as an injectable treatment in a physician’s office or other healthcare facility.

There's also this thread with ways to find a physician:

I hope this is helpful. Please let us know how you're doing.


Mrjx 09-07-2016 07:07 PM

Its nice to see someone who is well informed. But getting a Dr to help you with drug addiction in Eastern Ky is almost impossible. But thank you very much for the help

Mrjx 09-20-2016 02:50 PM

Still looking. Back on drugs again. The suboxone just had to many side effects. I cant get any doctors to accept the fact im allergic to suboxone. Still not sure what to do Can i get private messages on this board.

NancyB 09-20-2016 04:38 PM

Hi Mrjx, I'm sorry to hear that you can't find anyone to prescribe -tex. It's such a shame that with documentation that you're allergic to the naloxone they still won't do it.

Since this is an anonymous forum, there's no private messaging here.


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