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  43. How do you get comfortable at 2mgs & then taper?
  44. Some questions about how to taper, spiking, etc.?
  45. 2 month taper or long taper for long term users?
  46. Why slow taper if takes 3 days to feel reductions
  47. Do PAWS depend on how you taper?
  48. People who have tapered off
  49. when to taper off suboxone???
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  62. Mary & Ros's taper
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  67. trying to taper off sub..
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  75. What changes if you go back up to taper again
  76. shud it be a long taper for ppl on 2mg for 2 years
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  88. Stuck at 1mg
  89. Tapered off after 7 year
  90. Q for Sam B and anyone else who jumped
  91. Can PAWS actually be because of a quick taper?
  92. A friend who has been on 0.4 for 1 year how shud he taper?
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  94. it is time to taper
  95. One motth to wean off sub?
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  98. Those who know the tapar action...
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  100. Jumped after years on sub.
  101. Can I WEEN WITH WHAT I HAVE....Opinions Please
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  104. dropping today!
  105. Gimme a Taper Schedule, please!
  106. update
  107. Not there yet, but getting close...!!
  108. new and on day 3 of no subs
  109. 2 mg question
  110. I'm new and what can I expect
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  112. ready to stop
  113. 6 months 32-4mg Help!!!!
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  118. any replies would be great
  119. 3rd day off sub feel great
  120. John Smith, new with questions
  121. slivers
  122. Hi All. Can I get a taper?
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  127. post sub
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  131. Last week of weaning;scared to death
  132. I think its time
  133. New to site!!
  134. I've gotten myself into a mess by being too kind.
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  140. Keep Jumping.........
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  142. Un-Tapering
  143. I am down to 1 mg, it is getting tough.
  144. just jumped off subutex 6 days ago today...need a little help
  145. My Addiction, My Taper, My Feelings
  146. 2nd taper need support and advice please
  147. HI I am new here and I want off of sub
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  149. Question About Tapering
  150. how to convince m yself to taper
  151. ? for those who have successfully tapered
  152. Preparing to jump (and jumping)!
  153. Help
  154. help with suboxone withdrawal please
  155. Been on sub for 4 years
  156. after 7 yrs I want to taper-questions for other long term patients
  157. Vitamins or Supplements help flush you system/helps w/withdrawls?
  158. I'm completely off of Suboxone. :)
  159. Will a sauna help in tapering
  160. To Start Lexapro Anyone With Expirence?
  161. Brett My latest
  162. Last Sub Thursday Morning
  163. Hello Again, Folks! Now starting TAPER!
  164. life post sub???
  165. Remind me again this is the best and right thing
  166. wow guys take a look a thisStopping Suboxone– A Bit More Information about a POTENT D
  167. Help
  168. I need help with tapering
  169. Not quite a taper story
  170. Sub withdrawal expereience?
  171. How I feel about NA
  172. confused by doctors advice
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  184. Startingf to taper
  185. How Often Do You Make Cuts?
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  187. Day 16 of Subutex, Pregnant & Trying To Taper...Down to 1mg/Day
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  189. Maximum dose
  190. Need taper advice.
  191. Hello everyone, long time no c !!
  192. THREE WEEKS; that's what it takes
  193. Tapering as I can
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  195. Question for all
  196. I got a problem
  197. problem solved
  198. What do you think??
  199. Tapering, Finally back on track
  200. post jump hell
  201. Just checking in!!!
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  208. lowered my dose
  209. long term subox user / virgin poster here
  210. Trying to stop taking sub
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  212. Anyone else have provigil expirence?
  213. My Success Story
  214. another question about tapering
  215. Tapering doesn't sound too bad
  216. Some questions Plz Help
  217. Doctor Concerns - PLEASE HELP!!!
  218. tappering off
  219. New Research About Swallowing Subutex!
  220. When Does it Start?
  221. Tired and want to stop
  222. Fruits, vegetables and sleep-aids
  223. Changing my taper modality (or, Subutex: the freedom to choose)
  224. over it!
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  226. withdraws
  227. Going off Sub in 2 weeks
  228. Withdrawal or just sick?
  229. Tapering off Sub
  230. Maude111, new to forum, has tapering question
  231. 92 Hours. What do I do?
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