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  1. How much do you pay?
  2. How much are the doctors fees?
  3. Insurance
  4. Cost of medicine
  5. gov. help with paying for suboxone?
  6. Financial Assistance??
  7. finding affordable dr
  8. Cheap suboxone
  9. Do the Pharmaceutical Companies help?
  10. Suboxone Prescription Assistant Program
  11. Insurance
  12. *Moved from How Much Does it Cost - joe911
  13. cost
  14. Prescription Coverage
  15. insurance
  17. Cost
  18. Dr's taking insurance in Massachusetts HELP!
  19. Insurance
  20. Suboxone for FREE!!!!!
  21. **Help for Self-Payers - Prescription Discount Cards and More**
  22. Anthem Insurance DENIED for Suboxne
  23. no insurance
  24. massachusetts seeking affordable suboxone doc
  25. Why won't some doctors accept insurance
  26. Idea on how to afford your sub meds
  27. the high price of a suboxone clinic...
  28. Cost of Sub treatment in my area
  29. Filing Cost of Treatment on my Insurance
  30. Using Sub & Doc Fees on Insurance
  31. Is Sub. treatment a mental health issue?
  32. what insurance companies cover the script?
  33. Sub expenses...$500 for first visit/$100 visit
  34. Insurance Coverage for Sub
  35. Insurance coverage denial
  37. Sub treatment & health insurance
  39. Insurance Change/New job
  40. subatex or suboxone...wich is cost effective?
  41. WHY THE COST...Sub Patients vs Regular Patients
  42. anybody need low cost insurance that covers suboxo
  43. Cost/help
  44. Cost of Suboxone
  45. Insurance companies beginning to come around
  46. Blue Cross Blue shield Insurance
  47. Privacy Issues with Insurance
  48. Free buprenorphine treatment available in STUDIES
  49. Will insurance ever cover this treatment?
  50. Insurance and Privacy?
  51. Health insurance & Sub..pre-existing condition?
  52. Treatment through Insurance
  53. Cost?
  54. "HELP" with medication cost
  55. Need some info on getting insurance to pay for sub
  56. Assistace program to help cover cost?
  58. Question About Suboxone Treatment Cost?
  59. insurance
  60. Insurance for suboxone program
  61. Insurance
  62. Cost difference
  63. Insurance Question
  64. Why not use your insurance for Sub?
  65. NEED INFO>> Drinking, sub and insurance
  66. Insurance and sub. What to do??
  67. Insurance responding tot his need yet?
  68. insurance question
  69. no insurance or cash
  70. Insurance Parity
  71. Insurance Question
  72. Insurance Question
  73. How you get redflagged by insurance
  74. Insurance
  75. Damn Insurance Anyone in Vegas going through this?
  76. has anyone here have insurance send letters to doc
  77. Question on my insurance paying for sub
  78. maintenance and insurance company coverage
  79. Pre-authorization problems with insurance?
  80. non forumulary exception form for suboxone script
  81. What healthcare companies are known to cover subox
  82. Prior Authorization on Prescription
  83. Insurance headaches
  84. Thought I had researched the cost of bup
  85. Finally got my insurance company to approve Sub!!
  86. insurance probs
  87. Oxford---liberty & freedom plans. Sub covered?
  88. Doctor is charging a lot
  89. Free meds/dropped 8mgs.
  90. cheaper sub?
  91. insurance to cover Suboxone medication?
  92. First free meds today!
  93. Privacy Issues...how does this happen
  94. Call NOW to End Insurance Discrimination- UPDATE
  95. Think insurance should pay for addiction treatment
  96. Treatment too expensive
  97. Help with Insurance
  98. Healt h Insurance?
  99. Suboxone reimbursement or treatment authorization
  100. Need adivce about insurance....
  101. Medicaid
  102. Options for getting prescription cost covered
  103. Does anyone know if I can get reimbursement?
  104. Costco?
  105. Why is Sub treatment so darn Expensive?
  106. MA Enacts Full Parity for Addiction Treatment
  107. Subutex cost more that Suboxone?
  108. Lucked Out On Insurance
  109. The Price of Treatment
  110. Did you know about the ADA & the Rehab Act.
  111. Regarding INSURANCE vs ANONYMITY?
  112. It Pays To Shop Around For Everything
  113. Paying Dr. for treatment and sub
  114. A Massage from the Drug Policy Foundation;Sen. Biden and Reform
  115. private ins members
  116. ??'s about sub & insurance..
  117. Subaxone Coupons?
  118. Senate Bailout Bill Includes Parity Amendment
  119. Deregulate Healthcare?!
  120. Disability benefits
  121. Help understanding new parity bill
  122. Insurance
  123. Insurance
  124. Insurance not covering subutex
  125. Divorce and Insurance Question
  126. POLL: What if your doc offered at home visits & what would be a fair price to pay?
  127. Which insurance company will pay for Suboxone
  128. Just Cant afford the Sub
  129. Day 26 update and insurance ?
  130. A question for those who have used needy meds
  131. For those who have BC/BS
  132. question about insurance and suboxone
  133. How do you pay for your doctor visits
  134. How do you pay for your prescription
  135. How do I know if I'm paying too much?
  136. State and County funded programs
  137. Suboxone going Generic?
  138. Insurance Cheaper Thank Meds!
  139. BCBS Plan B- Anyone have this?
  140. I thought I was covered through Aetna....
  141. great news!!! :)
  142. Need Assistance - on Insurance and Suboxone
  143. Insurance reimbursment
  144. i need advice
  145. Dividing pills
  146. newbie to this site with ????'s
  147. For those on Medicaid...And other's needing help paying for suboxone
  148. What is suboxone used for?
  149. at 16mg, doctor not helping any longer
  150. Any Doc's in DFW mrtopex accept Medicaid?
  151. Suboxone by mail order in Illinois?
  152. CIGNA insurance leads the way for Bupe treatment
  153. Incredibly disillusioned, dismayed, etc...
  154. PA and Medical Assistance
  155. FYI Tricare patients
  156. insurance ????
  157. insurance in washington
  158. Anyone been successful w/ MediCal?
  159. Looking for suboxone treatment PA Access/upmc ofr you
  160. paying for counseling?
  161. Im So Discussded !
  162. Help for ANY & ALL Insurance ?'s
  163. Generic Coming?
  164. Making Sure This Time !
  165. List of Doc's who accept health insurance for Suboxone therapy
  166. California residents only
  167. What to do..PCP or New Doc?
  168. New Proposed Healthcare Reform
  169. Has Any One Else Been Thru This ?
  170. 1st Dr Visit, can't afford suboxone?
  171. God I hate united health care
  172. Healthcare costs are WAY out of hand NOW I have to Self-Pay Anyway
  173. pharm can't fill whole script???
  174. Anyone from Michigan & how much are you paying?
  175. Any States Pay for Suboxone
  176. PA and Medical Assistance
  177. Celtic INS
  178. Subutex Generic Oct 8th
  179. Assistance Programs?
  180. What to Expect from Aetna
  181. Price drops already
  182. Trying to find the right pharmacy?
  183. Aetna Insurance for Summerhouse Stay
  184. Medicaid in Washington State
  185. what is the difference between subutex and suboxone
  186. Price comparision
  187. Report: Generic buprenorphine in Ohio!
  188. this is what I'm paying
  189. Suboxone and generic interchangeable?
  190. Why Don't Doctors Accept Insurance For Suboxone Treatment?
  191. Great News For Me!!!
  192. united Healthcare
  193. Insurance coverage
  194. thank god
  195. Some Dr's are like drug dealers!
  196. If your sub doc accepts insurance, but your insurance won't cover visits- do this...
  197. HELP
  198. This is probably a stupid question
  199. needymeds income verification
  200. Generic Subutex price
  201. Question about the new Subutex Generic from Roxane
  202. Amazing info about the "Needy Meds" program
  203. Generic Subutex not available
  204. Purchased Generic Subutex!!
  205. i cant wait another week again for meds
  206. new- preauthorization question
  207. Generic Subutex over $700???
  208. insurance wont pay
  209. Nancy-when you get time...
  210. Need a Dr in Ill/Chicago
  211. Anyone from Nevada?
  212. When is sub going generic?
  213. How do I sweet-talk my insurance provider....
  214. Getting Suboxone from Kaiser ?
  215. Military Insurance won't cover Suboxone!
  216. Im getting Suboxone from Kaiser
  217. distraught
  218. How to get financial help in Michigan for suboxone treatments?
  219. Status of Generic Subutex?? 3-14-2010
  220. Urine Test Cost
  221. In RI any one know of reasonably priced doctors?
  222. Pharmacies compounding suboxone?
  223. A Level 2 Review
  224. problem getting it at walgreens.
  225. I Need Advice, Please
  226. another problem getting it at walgreens....
  227. (Yet another) generic story.....
  228. Sub Doctor very fishy, cheaper to visit with no insurance? Overcharging my insurance?
  229. Anyone successfully received reimbursement from Kaiser
  230. is there a limit on #
  231. Good news about Suboxone patient assistance program
  232. Insurance will pay drs just wont accept it
  233. The cheaper route
  234. Just got medicaid, current doc does not accept, SW florida
  235. question on cost
  236. Any just got insurance for suboxone???
  237. Great News
  238. having difficulty finding a doctor
  239. Suboxone Dr. in Knoxville/East Tennessee
  240. Wondering about TN Suboxone patients
  241. cost
  242. Prescription coverage dropped suboxone, please help
  243. Suboxone
  244. Anthem BCBS of TN? R they going to quit covering strips?
  245. Subutex -ky doctor
  246. Cheap sub DR.
  247. Illegal to pay cash for dr visit & ins. for meds?!
  248. insurance needs cpt4/hcpcs code. HELP
  249. Have insurance but no doctor will accept it for Sub. treament.
  250. need a one-time emergency script